Therapy is about you.

Therapy is about what brings you peace, what makes you happy.  Have you been wondering what went wrong?  Why things seem fine on the surface, but you just cannot get yourself to feel completely good inside?  Why you feel down, worry too much, and/or do things that bring relief at the time, but ultimately make you unhappy?  Many people feel this way and you can be helped.

Therapy is teamwork.  Your thoughts, feelings, and challenges are what matter. But I am there with you.  I won't sit by silently while you struggle for answers.  I thoroughly process what you say and offer you insight and understanding, and a path for change.

My experience is with adults grappling with depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, PTSD, a history of a difficult/traumatic childhood, marital/family/interpersonal problems, career difficulties, and challenges that develop as we age.  If you feel that I might be a good fit for you, call me and we'll talk.


Dr. Owens

(410) 309-7055